We are aware of the issue where players are unable to refresh shops or quests due to both gems and ads button. The team is constantly looking for a solution to this issue. 

We advise you to try waiting for a day when this happens for the ads queue to refill, as it is likely that the number of ads in the ads queue has been depleted.

If you have encountered this, please send us a ticket with the following information:

1) Device model

2) Device OS

3) Game Version

4) Are you playing on a stable internet connection?
5) What did you do before this happened? It would be great if you can elaborate as detailed as you can.

6) If it was solved, what was the steps that you took or the actions you made to fix this?

7) Was it possible to replicate this issue on your end?

8) Is your device rooted (Android) / jailbroken (iOS)?

9) Are you using any sort of third-party adblocker app on your device?

We understand that it is a lengthy questionnaire but it will help our team to narrow down the possibilities.

We appreciate your help in solving this issue. :)