There are usually two reasons why the refresh timer gets frozen:

  1. The device time has been tweaked.


  2. Too many ads have been watched in a short period of time.

In the case of tweaking your device time, depending on how long into the future you adjusted your time, you will have to wait until that day comes. For example, if you adjusted your device time 4 hours into the future, you will have to wait for 4 hours. That being said however, there are times that it won't reset for you as well. As such. we highly advise against the tempering of your device time.

In the case of watching too many ads in a short period of time, the ads queue has been depleted. The number of ads in the queue is decided by the ads provider in your region, and we are unable to control this number. If this is happening to you, please wait for another day for the ads queue to be replenished.

If you did not tweak your device time or you did not watch many ads, but the problem persists, please drop us a ticket and we will assist you.