Please note that it is not possible to transfer a save file from iOS to Android, or vice versa.

Before you perform the transfer, please make sure that:

- DO NOT delete / uninstall the game from your current device. This will cause the unsaved progress to be lost forever.

- You are connected to a stable internet connection.

- Your Cloud Sync is turned on. You can find it in the Settings menu.

- You are properly connected to Google Play (Android) / Game Center (iOS).

- Your last sync is the latest date. If it is not, you can do a simple battle. It should be synced after.

Now, to transfer your progress to another device:

1) Download Postknight on to your new device. Make sure that you are logged into the same account in your previous device.

2) Open Postknight. You should be shown that you have a newer save file.

3) Make sure that your save file has been successfully transferred before deleting your progress from your old device.